Window Of Opportunity

Get organized:
Free 30 Minute Session in PG

After five years of growing I am focusing on a new clientele. Tessa will be going to the Kindergarten, which gives me a precious window to work with you.



Services for the Internet age: evolving around Apple devices, the Internet and most importantly your Productivity!

If you experience any kind of inconvenience with the Internet, your devices, or your busy mind, then it is likely that I can help you to implement practical solutions, to nurture your peace.

I started building commercial websites for Audi in 1996 in Berlin and came to the Monterey Peninsula at the end of 1999.

Besides technology I am fascinated with the human mind:
How to do things efficiently and joyfully without wasting precious mental energies!

It is easy to get distracted!
“Trying harder” often makes things worse.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, to see what we can create, improve and enjoy.
Email is just a click away, but you can also call me on my flip-phone.

Life is precious, short and unique,


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