Busy is easy, but not good enough.



Dear Potential Client,

Many people entertain a hate-love relationship with their computer and the internet … but we will keep it fun.

Together we have the opportunity to meet and address your digital challenges in a creative and productive way:

Not only passwords, emails, websites … but all the paraphernalia of modern life.

My services are relevant for all walks of life — for everyone who uses a computer in a self-directed way.




Mind and speech are our most intimate and precious “tools”.

Attention, interest, belief and identity determine how we move in life.

Technology makes it more and more challenging to keep our focus on what is important for us.

It can be valuable and enjoyable to meet a human being who takes the time to listen, to reflect, to help.

Able to think — not sink — in an atmosphere of openness and potential.



Together we can focus on your priorities

… and gently neutralize the drainage of your precious energy, in day-to-day operations.

With my private clients I focus on any kind of digital issues or aspects:

Internet, computer, phone, ipad, lifestyle, attention span, memory issues, multitasking … but I am also interested to meet old-school paper-based challenges.

For commercial clients I am available to improve collaboration, to move operations into the cloud, and to help to make policies and procedures fun and functional.



Thinking allowed. Thinking aloud.

I share my technical expertise, intuition and curiosity.

I might allow myself the freedom to say “I don’t know”; but out of this inner vacuum solutions and answers tend to appear.

I am available to meet with you in person on the Monterey Peninsula, or via Skype wherever you are:

(831) 275-0747
Skype: holgerhubbs
Pacific Grove, CA 93950


Say hello right now… or sign up for future updates, if you like.




What is the use of running when we are not on the right road?
-German proverb